Hemorrhoids And Their Effect On Your Sex Life

Since sex can be a huge part of your life, especially when you are in a relationship, it is important that you know how to live and cope with certain health issues such as hemorrhoids. After all, hemorrhoids can have a great impact on your sex life and even more so when you find that you are normally the person who is on the receiving end of anal intercourse. In any case, proper care of your hemorrhoids or other issues involving the anal cavity will help you to lead a safe and more comfortable sex life.

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Generally speaking, it is usually best to refrain from anal intercourse if you happen to have hemorrhoids that are already flared up. With that being said, it is not always easy to refrain from sexual contact at all times. If you do find yourself suffering from irritation of existing hemorrhoids, then you can help to relieve some of the pressure and irritation after intercourse with gentle cleansing and then the application of cream around the problem area. Some people will even find that adjusting the way that they sleep at night, such as on their side or stomach, can help to relieve pressure from hemorrhoid flare up and irritation.

When you engage in sexual intercourse that includes anal penetration while you have hemorrhoids, do not be surprised if you notice a bit of bleeding. The swollen hemorrhoidal blood cushions can often times rupture with the force of anal sex and cause even further irritation. You will find that if you have the ability to control your anal muscles during penetration, you may be able to lessen the irritation, tearing or even prolapse that can occur during anal sex.

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The most important thing about living with hemorrhoids and engaging in anal sex is that you take care of your hygiene. Using condoms and keeping the area of the anus clean at all times is key to proper anal health. Additionally, the right amount of lube is extremely important to make sure that you are not wearing on the anal muscles excessively, which can cause health issues over time such as rectal bleeding and even anal prolapse. Are hemorrhoids irritating and often a factor that can slow down anal intercourse? Sure. However, when you care for them properly and use smart practices, then you can enjoy a healthy sex life including anal penetration.

Sex Tips And Tricks To Help Reduce Rectal Trauma During A Hemorrhoidal Flare-Up

Anyone will tell you that it is extremely important to have a good line of communication with the person who you will be engaging in sexual intercourse with. After all, when you have good communication, you will be able to convey both your feelings as well as any concerns that you may have. When you happen to have hemorrhoids, it is imperative that you are able to discuss your best options for anal intercourse as well as how you are feeling before penetration begins.

From the start, couples engaging in anal intercourse should know that this is an act that requires a decent level of conscious control. The person who is on the receiving end should be able to have the ability to help control their anal muscles in order to stamp out the push out reflex that occurs with penetration. In addition to this, it is important that you realize that speed and force can have a tremendous impact on hemorrhoids and even cause further irritation or even rectal bleeding if you do not begin with caution.

Know your lubrications! For the most part, many couples have their preference when it comes to the type of lubrication that they use when engaging in anal sex. While personal preference is fine, you need to make sure that you use enough lubrication at all times. After all, you could have the best lube for anal penetration, but if you are not using it liberally then you can still end up with irritating friction or even worse, anal prolapse. Novelty lubrications are always a good party favor, however picking a solid brand that is known to properly lubricate for your safety is key. There are great lubes and ointments on the market today that provide a nice smooth entry and some of them even have a little bit of benzocaine which helps to numb the muscles of the sphincter, thus aiding with initial penetration.

Because of the vast amount of bacteria that breed in the anal cavity, it is extremely important that you use proper protection during anal sex. Transmission of diseases along with maintaining healthy hygiene are just a couple of the benefits of using proper protection with the help of condoms whether you are in a homosexual or heterosexual relationship. Taking this in mind along with some great techniques on how to deal with hemorrhoids during anal sex will help you to live a safe, comfortable and happy sex life.

Hemorrhoid Surgery, Your Recovery Time And Your Sex Life

Many people who suffer from hemorrhoids will find that they can get relief with the help of over the counter treatments or even herbal remedies. However, there are some case of hemorrhoidal disease that may require you to seek a physician for help and treatments. In some cases, looking to hemorrhoid surgery may be your best option in order to see complete and total relief of your hemorrhoid issues. If so, then you are going to want to research all of the options that are out there for you to choose from before you decide on any surgical procedure.

If you happen to have advanced complications from hemorrhoids that may or may not include rectal prolapse, then you may find it necessary to have a doctor explain how a surgical hemorrhoidectomy works along with some of the various techniques that are offered. There are procedures that include incisions strategically placed while others may include stapling or even lasers. In order to find the hemorrhoid surgery that is right for you, it is imperative that you keep a good line of communication open with your physician about any concerns or questions that you may have. If having anal sex is important to you, then you will want to discuss other treatment options, as it would be contraindicated during the recovery period.

Depending on the procedure used for your hemorrhoidectomy, recovery times can vary. Some patients will be told that their recovery time will last for approximately two weeks, while other patients who have a more invasive procedure may need to take more time to recovery properly such as eight to ten weeks. Straining the area of the anal muscles is something that should be avoided at all costs. Additionally, many surgeons will suggest that the patient take a regular stool softener to help the bowels move with ease during the recovery time so there is no excess strain or pushing from the anal cavity.

Certainly, for any number of couples the process of hemorrhoid surgery can have a good amount of strain on their sex life. Engaging in anal sex too soon after surgery can not only be painful, but it can lead to damage of the anal walls, sphincter or even cause infection. Before taking the step to engage in anal activity after your hemorrhoidectomy, it is very important that you consult your physician and or surgeon. Your comfort and smart choices will be key to a proper recovery and freedom from hemorrhoid pain in the future.

Updated: October 18, 2013


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